How It Works

Step 1: Download the App

Download the ub-cool Tracker app from iTunes or Play Store and record your journey to share with your loved ones and save for yourself.

Step 2: Register & Start

Once installed, quickly register your details and keep in mind your name will appear on the ub-cool website for your family and friends to see. Follow the prompts to upload photos and event descriptions and then click the “Start” button!

Step 3: Upload Comments & Photos

Once you click “Start”, your journey will be recorded by GPS location in your phone. As you progress, upload photos, voice notes, and text comments along the way to document your experience. People will enjoy seeing and hearing your experience in both real time and genuine expression. Your route will appear on the ub-cool website along with the media you upload.

Step 4: Share so People Can Follow LIVE

Share your achievement with your followers so they can follow you LIVE! The link for your journey can be shared directly with your followers via social media (ie. Facebook, etc.) or via a URL link.

Step 5: Finish the Event

When you’ve completed the journey, click the “Finish” button and your route will be saved in both your app and on the website for your followers to enjoy at a latter date. You can go back, via your app, and edit your media (ie. Upload more photos, text, etc.). Continue to share your amazing achievement with everyone as your experience will be kept LIVE on the ub-cool website; the URL will continue to work after the event.

Questions & Answers:

1. When using the app, do I have to upload photos and comments?

Yes. For every event started, a general photo of the event is required and, then, the following is also required: 1 photo during the journey and 1 text comment. These can be absolutely anything (of course, appropriate in nature) because followers want to hear and see your genuine experience.

2. Does every event I create have a corresponding page on the ub-cool website?

Yes. Every event created has an associated page on the ub-cool website. The information you list for the event, and the media you upload, will appear on the ub-cool website for your followers to enjoy LIVE. At the moment, all events are available to the Public; soon, we will offer a Private option where only selected individuals can view your event and uploaded media.

3. Do people wanting to follow a journey have to download the App?

No. Following someone’s journey LIVE (or after completion) is available on the ub-cool website. The app is only for people who want to have their achievements documented and shared with their friends and family.

4. Are the events shown on the ub-cool website available to everyone to access?

Yes – at the moment, all events are available for “Public” viewing. Soon, the ub-cool website will offer a Private option so the event can be viewed by only those with whom the URL is shared.

5. I have questions about how to use the App and Website – how do I contact?

Our support team is always available to answer your questions. Please email us at [email protected]